Vombee FAQ

Net 30. Publishers earnings are paid on the 25th of each month for the previous month as long as the minimum of $30 has been made in one calendar month. So if you earn $31 in July then you will be paid that amount on the 25th of August after we finalise earnings. Earnings are subject to change after we account for invalid clicks, impressions and other invalid activity which is picked up by our automated systems. Your final balance will be published prior to any payment is due to you.

Reports are in near real time. Reports can be delayed by up to 4 hours but this is rare. All impressions and earnings are subject to change once finalised earnings are accounted for.

You can place up to 5 ad units on one page and one pop under ad.

You can run as many sites as you like. As long as your site is approved for ad serving then you can run ads on it.

Please use the contact us page to get in touch..

Brief Overview of Publisher Site Requirements

  • Your site must be fully functioning and have an easy to navigate design.
  • Your site must NOT contain links to illegal, adult or indecent material deamed by us.
  • Your site must NOT conatin excess advertising or be designed in a way to simply infiate ad earnings.
  • Your site must NOT encourage ad clicks.
  • Your site MUST contain near original content, this means viral story sites are acceptable as long as the content has been rewritten and does not infringe the original authors copyright.
  • We do NOT accept paid to promote sites or autosurf sites and progams.
  • We do NOT accept free hosting websites such as blogger/tumblr
  • We do NOT accept porn sites at this time.